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Discover the benefits of our facials and peels to promote the health and vibrance of your skin. Look years younger and refreshed. Everyone is jealous!

You are beautifully unique, so we customize our facials and peels specifically for you. We start with a consultation to learn about your concerns and goals. Then we design your treatment using the latest equipment and proven formulas for maximum results.

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Skin Peels help brighten skin, reduce size of pores, diminish fine lines, soften wrinkles and furrows, and promote new cell growth. Here are a few favorites...

Progressive Peel  $135

Progressive peels are mild treatments that result in minimal or no exfoliation. These peels are excellent “lead-ins” to Mid-Depth peels and are a valuable maintenance tool for a variety of skin conditions. Expect little or no flaking, but please limit sun exposure for a day or two and wear sunscreen after any facial treatment! 

Mid-Depth Peels  $169

These peels affect the intra-epidermal layer and exfoliation occurs 2-3 days after application. Peeling consists of light flaking similar to a mild sunburn. Post-Care home products and a Post-Peel Facial treatment are required.

Deep Peels  $199

Deep peels are safe, superficial peels that generate excessive peeling for 2-3 days and the entire process is generally completed within 7-10 days. These peels produce significant cellular turnover and correction. Post-Care home products and a Post-Peel Facial treatment are required.


Post-Peel Facial  $75

Required follow up 7-10 days after Mid-Depth and
Deep Superficial Peels.

The Post Peel Facial removes residual, flaky skin with gentle enzymes. Nourishing serums and a calming oxygen treatment leave skin soft, smooth, hydrated and glowing.


Retinol Vitamin A + Peptide Peel

Our Vitamin A Peel uses medical strength retinoic acid to activate cell turnover. This peel is used for treatment of aging concerns and pigmentation issues. It exfoliates thickened, sun damaged cells giving the skin a healthy glow, reducing pore size and leaving the skin smoother and softer.

Single Treatment  $169       Package of 3 Peels  $425


Anti-Aging Facial & Peel Combo  $299

Session I - Fruit Enzyme Skin Corrective Facial 

Lifting away dead skin cells, while incorporating cherries and pomegranate to help

build and strengthen the skin. Includes oxygen therapy - skin will have a rosy glow,

feel alive, fresh and look years younger! One week later you’ll come back to

Sweet Cheeks Studio to finish your anti-aging treatment with this extraordinary peel...

Session II - Customized “Baby Boomer” Mid Depth Peel

Targets fine lines and wrinkles and improves the appearance of enlarged pores

and uneven skin texture.  Amazing results!

We help complete your total image with a variety of enhancements for your skin,

improving your overall appearance. Customized just for you, each treatment targets

your individual concerns



from $349 to $599

For Hyperpigmentation and Acne

This medical-grade peel targets hyperpigmentation and melasma, reversing sun damage and signs of aging. Improves skin tone and texture by stimulating collagen growth and elastin production. Also effective for clearing acne & reducing acne scarring.


Microdermabrasion is a safe and extremely effective way to exfoliate the skin. For all skin types, it minimizes the appearance of scarring, fine lines, wrinkles,

uneven skin tone, acne problems and sun damage. Best results with a series of 3 to 6 treatments, once every two weeks.  

Single Treatment  $289   Package of 3  $1095   (Add to any facial $89)   

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